Dear Customer, please follow these steps and read them carefully for a Fast Gift Delivery:

  1. Provide us with your full name.
  2. Provide us with your phone number (in Lebanon and/or Abroad with the Country Code).
  3. Provide us with the phone number of the Recipient (Land Line and Mobile if available).
  4. In Case of a “surprise”, the team will coordinate with the Sender.
  5. A Clear and detailed Delivery Address. We provide a Door to door delivery only and only to the recipient name on file. (No items will be delivered on the road, under the Building, in a Parking, in a Mall or to the neighbors …) 
  6. Provide us with the time frame of the delivery.
  7. In case the receiver is not available, the delivery will be double-charged.
  8. Any wrong information about the sender or the receiver, the order will be cancelled and it will not be delivered.